Wednesday, August 6, 2008

act of kindness..??no nothing close

Today I read about some teens who have done some kind of crime or misbehaved and filmed it and then later posted it or something related on a public website and later lead to them getting arrested or being put in court for the incident filmed. The person in article one was a man who had a car accident involving two other cars and was charged with drunken driving the lawyers later found a my space or face book that showed the man in the article had pictures of earlier the night and the pictures showed him with alcoholic beverages and these pictures were used to show his negligence in the accident.
The second article I read about talked about kids filming acts of misbehavior such as something called fencing this is when a bunch of kids are thrown through a line of fences lined in someones back yard. This was the creation of some one who just wanted to be look at by others in hopes that his views on this stupidity would get great numbers of views on a public site. after the stupidity of others these public sites have put up signs that say any act of violence or any such is not allowed also these sites have agreed to join with the police to catch any types of criminal acts done and posted up on these web pages.
I was asked why should we be careful of the things that we post on public sites my answer to that is every thing we post or write is traced to the IP address that we wrote from and is traceable,also another reason is that if we ever had some kind of accident we maybe judged by the things we post on public sites whether it be a positive or negative.
There was a case on the news and on many news papers later that week it took place in December it was about a couple of girls who beat up a man on the subway and this incident was filmed and posted on a public web page (you tube) and the girls involved were later put to curt and charged with assault on a older man. This is a great example because the girls in this incident didn't think that by filming this it would lead to them getting charges pressed on them by this man this victim of a harsh beating on a A train going home.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Satire ...

Today I read an article on Satire. Satire is a form of art used to attack someones inner weakness. this piece is satirical because Twain uses young peoples weakness on lying ,action and act of thinking as a joke or a way to make humor.the message behind Twain's humor is that although we joke about things like playing with guns and lying to parents these are some of the things young people are doing today.
Twain uses satire to deliver his message because although it is humor it shows some of the seriousness behind things that that happen in every day life and how the young people are thinking. I believe that this piece is very success full because we laugh at the things he says but it also opens our mind to the stupid things going through children's minds. I learned that I sometimes tend to use weak lies to get out of things I do wrong and maybe with a little more practice and evidence I can avoid getting caught as much hahahaha. Here's another good satirical graphic I looked at you might like wife. This article was based on a man and his over weighted wife he talked about how he thought there was nothing in the world his wife could do to surprise him till one morning she turns and looks at his and says "They should do a game show hosted by that father from Growing Pains."(i really don't see the humor in this at all T_T) but this article shows satire because the seriousness of his wife's obesity is not a concern at all its merely a reason to make this article seem more funny underneath it all the message is that no matter the size people still find ways to be happy.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why We Lie.

In every day life there is a lie it could be in a magazine a news paper even in a history book but the question is why do we lie if we know that lying never gets us no were .....well today I read something and there was 4 reasons why children lie.
The first one was Fear- fear is a reason people lie and the reason for lying is that it sounds better then the truth and it also may keep you from the wrath of your parents from what i could understand.
The second reason was Habit Also known as Habitual lying - habits are made from a person doing a thing over and over again so it sorta sticks the best thing to do is to have a good bond with your children or even give them a chance to come clean with out harsh punishment so that there's no need to lie nor a way to create a habit of lying as well.
The third reason was Modelling - modelling is done within the own home when a child see's a parent lying then the child tends to do the same because they think its ok to do. It is also done out side of homes as well this happens when some one a child looks up to lies about somthing the child knows was not true the child thinks that its not such a" big deal".
And our last lie is Overprediction Also known as "white lies" - overprediction is done alot even in my own life because people tend to think that if they dont lie then there parents wont let them do some of the things that they want to do but if the parents would give us as children a chance and give us less restrictions then I think there would be less overprediction lies this way we know that theres more of a 50% chance of a yes we would also like to know that some of our parents desitions are negotiable. I placed the picture to the left because at times we all think like this
I agree with the thoughts behind why children lie because
I tend to feel that was at times for example if I know my mom might not alow me to go out and just hang with friends I would just ask to stay at a friends house so that she would know nothing about me being out late with friends. Most of the times I lie like this is because of the overprediction or fear that she would say no I also think the reason we as children do this is because we think that our parents would just never understand and this is because they try and make them selves look great knowing that they have done some of the same things we are doing.
I will admit that though I lie there have bin a number of times that lying has gotten me in real big truble but mostly with my parents and though i lie its only because my mom wont lestion to reason.
There is another article i read and in this article it gave another 4 reasons for lying some simiilar to the other article but there was two that made me think one was lies ment to be a Joke another was Deceptive Gain these made me think because in some cases I would lie but not in the intention of harming or deceiving the person maybe just to have a good laugh or trick them into some prank I came up with.As to the Deceptive Gain this makes me think because i dont know why but people tend to do this alot mostly in a relasionship the person would cheat for him or her own personal gain not thinking of how the other person might think or mybe how harmful it was to there partner this makes me think because I wanna know why and what goes through the persons mind at the moment he or she thinks for his or her own gain.I placed this picture here becuse this is sorta how people tend to think of there own gain for dates or just to please the other sex and I have seen it done alot amugst friends .

Monday, July 28, 2008

These are our elements why not use them....X_x

In every day life people use energy to do things such as cooking and cleaning and it may even be something as simple as shredding paper or mail. Thing is some of these things are harming our world well the other day I heard a speech from Al Gore and he talked about renewable energy or alternative energy.
As he talked about this I started thinking and I remembered how I seen some cartoon on TV when I was younger and there was a house with a big water wheel and the house got its energy/electricity from the currant's from the water so I looked it up. and what I found was that there's a power plant called the C.N.B.C and it uses the water to power somethings in the US Army Corps it was founded in 1983 and is the only trade association in the United States dedicated exclusively to advancing the interests of hydro power energy in North America it works by the wheel creating waves which creates energy .
With the research I did I found that this is a very good source of renewable energy It is more than electricity Hydro power also provides recreational enhancements, flood control, and irrigation.It is a very important source of energy and has a great significant growth opportunity in helping the nation meet new energy supply with a reliable and low-emitting,home-grown energy source. I think with this source of energy we can also figure out a way to have cars run sorta the same maybe even by solar power., the cost of a water wheel are as followed =>Pricing






24" diameter Country Waterwheel, require MN-404 pump

$168.04 + shipping

34"H x 24"W


36" diameter Country Waterwheel, require MN-404 pump

$245.03 + shipping

48"H x 36"W


Submersible Water pump, up to 396 gallon/hour, 6.3' lift

$35.90 + shipping

1.6"L x 2.8"W x 2.1"H

If you want some more info please visit this website:

Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Gore's Challenge"

Al Gore is a man that ran for presidency and was cheated out of his place in our nation but even with not being president he has talked to me and the people of our nation about the problems we face and what will come next he also talked about how we as the people can change this before it happens. In this speech he talked to us about the crisis our world is gonna face and how we might be able to change it in time if we act now.
Al Gore brought up that fact that our polar ice cap is melting very fast and that within five years it will have melted down completely he said that the polar cap is milting fasted then the amount of water our nation consumes . the core of this problem is the reliance on carbon based fuels our people Reilly on using these based fuels so much that it has caused us to have to face the thee major challenges such as the major fires and fluds , the melting of our polar ice cap and the strength of lightning .
The answer to this is to end our reliance on carbon based fuels and start the use of renewable energy. Gore has come to this conclusion by holding things called solution summits with engineers,scientists and ceo's. they have came up with things that can help our process in using renewable energy such as solar energy and windmills to replace carbon fuels.
He spoke of his challenge and his challenge is to commit to producing 100% of our electricity from renewable energy and truly clean carbon sources within ten years yes this can be achievable he said because the as the prices for oil has gone up the prices on solar power energy has gone down and will continue as demand goes up.
This has not happened in the past because politics think that if they pay more money on oil and gas then it will decrease but this is not true they also have used answers that never seem to help but seem to harm us more later. It would be good for America to get into Alternative energy because it will help us to heal the damage done to our world. Ten years is an important time for us to make change because it was said that in five years the polar ice cap would be melted and if we start now we maybe able to delay that time period now is a good time to start because with the increase in oil this could save a lot of money in our pockets.we face lots of obstacles but they can be fixed by helping get a unified national grid and also helping make manufactures make plug up cars. Al gore also talks about the increase in our poll taxes he says we should drop the rate on our poll taxes with the difference of co2 taxes" we should eat what we use not what we earn".
I think that he is right and i will try my best to spread the word to others so that way our nation can fix what we have done and I can live a longer life. I agree that we should act now and act bold because we have to move to make others follow what we are doing.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lost in a thought ...

Every day I wake up to an empty place in my head filled with questions things like why is the world so cold ?when will people change? and as I ask these questions I realize that it all starts with one person. I can't make people change but I can be one person to make a difference in some one else's life. There are many times that people have told me that I will never be forgotten by them but its not only them i don't wanna be forgotten by I once heard this quote in a movie and it said "If you don't do anything great then that will be the reason no one will remember your name" Troy I will say that this is one of the best war movies of its time I recommend seeing it if you haven't already. This quote means allot to me because since I was a little boy I have always believed that I was a knight born in a different time. I know it may sound silly but I love and honor the codes of a knight I have always bin very loyal to my friends and family I also would fight for the people that mean the most to me.
The world is cold in my eyes because its always about power but if you ask me power will always be a persons downfall I have seen movies of past events and have read about things that are happening today and I don't see where a person can be proud of them selves for their actions. A classmate of mines wrote about the war in Iraq and I believe what he said is true the US See's other nations as threats and calls them terrorists but I mean don't they think what we are doing in there lands is also terror I believe that people should always think in other prospectives before they talk about some one else.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Can this be Real?

There are many quotes in the world some of which have come from great thinkers.Today I will talk about a quote by Benjamin Franklin."Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see" I believe this quote means that words are past around many times before it is said. I also think that its also telling me that eyes play a roll in our lives but there are times when our eyes can play tricks on us so we should only believe half of the things we see.I personally don't believe every thing I hear because it tends to be something not proven by facts but spoken down by many people.
There is a quote I heard once before from some one wise she told me she heard it from some where and it went like this "And since you know you cannot see yourself so well as by reflection your glass will modestly discover to yourself that of yourself which you yet know not of "William Shakespeare. What this quote means to me is that many times I am unable to see past what I think is real but through a mirror I can see more of my self then I think. Today I read this quote and it meant a lot to me because it's true in every word dreams are the inner soul and just by seeing in a persons dream you can see the mind and how it works. "They say dreams are the windows of the soul--take a peek and you can see the inner workings, the nuts and bolts".Henry Bromel, Northern Exposure, The Big Kiss, 1991